Why aren't my temperature changes sticking on my sleepme app?

There are a couple of scenarios where you may notice that a change you are trying to make to the state of your unit doesn't "stick" and the system reverts back to its previous state. 


Does your change interfere with your program?

If you are trying to make a change within 2 minutes after a sleep program event initiates, the system will revert back to the set event.


Example: Your Warm Awake just turned on, but you decide you don't want your bed to warm up so you turn your unit off; if you try to make this change right after Warm Awake initiates it will turn the unit back on and continue with the Warm Awake event.


The two ways around this are to simply wait until enough time has passed and then make the change or to turn off your sleep program and then make the change, please note this option will cancel all subsequent events for the remainder of the schedule period. 


Are you connected to the sleepme platform?

Usually when this issue occurs either your sleepme app, your unit or both components are having an issue connecting to the sleepme platform. Your app will normally indicate this by showing the message "Dock not connected" on the screen where you can change the unit's temperature, but another way that this issue presents itself is that the changes you make to the unit will "roll back" to what they previously showed. 

Example: The app shows that the target temp for the claimed unit is 72°F and you want to update it to 75°. A few seconds after making the change on the app from 72° to 75° you notice that the target temp changes back to 72°. If the issue described above is present you should be able to recreate the behavior. 


There are several troubleshooting methods to take to try to resolve this issue which are as follows;

  • Put the unit in airplane mode, wait 20 seconds and then take it out of airplane mode.
  • If the issue persists unplug the unit for 20 second and then plug it back in.
  • If the issue still persists we would suggest power cycling your router, then once it is back up and running putting your unit in airplane mode, waiting another 20 seconds and then taking it off of airplane mode.


If after completing these steps your issue persists please reach out to our Customer Experience team for further assistance. 

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