How Does Sleeping on a Cool Surface Improve Your Sleep?

A slight drop in core body temperature signals your body’s internal clock that it’s time to settle down and prepare for sleep. Falling asleep has to do so much with comfort, so our products allow you to be warm and cozy and have all those blankets and still get the benefits of Deep Sleep, which loves it cold!


Falling asleep should only take about 15-30 minutes. If it is taking longer, we suggest finding a better temperature at bedtime. The body just needs to experience a 2-3 degree temperature drop to flip that sleep switch on & trigger Deep sleep. Inversely, we should feel a 2-3 degree rise in temperature towards the latter part of our sleep to ensure quality REM sleep, to turn the sleep switch back off, and to wake well-rested.


Every body is different in activating their sleep switch. People struggling with temperature fluctuations as they sleep can benefit from our OOLER & DockPro Sleep Systems temp scheduling features to optimize their bed climate for their body’s personal temperature needs. Cube Systems are great if you like consistent temperature or don't mind manually adjusting your temp-- we have something for everyone!

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