Dock Pro System Maintenance: Monthly and Semi-Annually


  • Unplug the Dock Pro from outlet and remove power cord. Disconnect the hose
    assembly. Bring the Control Unit to a sink, bathtub or shower to drain water.
  • Empty the reservoir and wipe clean. Insert drain key into the Control Unit connector.
    Tilt the Control Unit back to allow the water to drain freely. Do not turn the Control Unit
    upside down. Place reservoir back into Control Unit
  • Reconnect the power cord to the Control Unit and outlet then reconnect the hose
    assembly to the pad and Dock Pro.
  • Add ChiliSleep System Cleaner to the Reservoir and refill with distilled water. The system
    cleaner will circulate when the Control Unit is in operation.
  • Inspect pad, protector and mattress for signs of condensation (dampness, mold,
    discoloration, etc). If this should occur, drain, wash and dry pad as instructed on page
    16 of your User Manual. Adjust the room temperature and System temperature settings to avoid

Semi-annual Maintenance 

  • Follow the Monthly Maintenance instructions above.
  • Bring the Chilipad Pro to a tub, shower, or sink. Place the drain key into the pad’s
    connector. Hold drain key in the Pad’s connector while releasing the water. Note: It is
    helpful to hang the Pad with the connector at the bottom so the water flows freely
    from the Pad.
  • Wash the pad as instructed on page 16. Follow initial set up instructions for filling the
    Control Unit and Pad. Reinstall the Pad on the mattress, attach the connector hose to
    the pad and then to the Control Unit.
  • Add ChiliSleep System Cleaner to the Water Reservoir and refill with approximately 2
    liters of distilled water

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