How do I clean my pad?

The Chilipad Pro should be washed seasonally or if it becomes soiled. It can be washed in any front load or top load washer. To wash the Chilipad Pro the connecting hose MUST be detached from the pad and the water MUST be drained before being placed in the washing machine. Follow the instructions below:


  1. Remove the pad from the bed and bring it to the sink, tub or shower
  2. Check for signs of condensation on your mattress.  We highly recommend a waterproof mattress protector that reduces the effect of a humid environment (when cool air and warm air collide, it naturally creates condensation).
  3. Insert drain key and hold in place while draining the pad
  4. Wash the pad in cold water and dry on low heat (be sure the pad is completely dry before installing it on the mattress)
  5. Reinstall Pad on the mattress and connect the straight connector to the pad and the 90° connector to the Dock Pro
  6. Connect hose to back of Dock Pro

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