My Pad Doesn’t Feel Cold/Hot, What Should I Do?

Overview: This article will provide quick and easy steps to check to see if there is an issue with your system and if so, where the issue is likely located. 


If you are tucking in for the night and notice that your pad doesn't seem like it is on or, maybe it feels like it is underperforming, there are a few steps  you can take to determine if there is an issue and where that issue is likely occurring. 


What does your display say?

One of the first things you'll want to do is check the display screen on the unit itself. The larger number on the screen will provide a real-time accurate reading of the water temperature circulating through the unit, while the small number in the lower right will be the target temperature (this is where you will see the "HI" and "LO" settings as well). 


Let's say your target temperature is 60° and the larger temperature showing on the screen reads 72°, this is outside the acceptable range of temperature differentiation and will need to be troubleshot. If this is the case click here (will link URL later, still working on that article). If you are seeing that the temperature of the water is within 4° of your target temperature this is within an acceptable range and you may just need to lower/raise the temperature. 


Which side are you using?

The Cool Mesh™ Chilipad™ comes with two reversible sides, the "Cool" side and the "Comfy" side. Both sides of the pad have their pros and cons but, if you are noticing that the cooling or heating capability of your pad is less than what you expected, we would suggest trying the "Cool" side to see if this helps. The reason this side is better for cooling and heating is because there is less material between the user and tubes in the pad, which means there will be less heating and cooling lost due to insulation.  If you are already on this side and feel that the system is underperforming there are still some steps to take.


When was the last time you cleaned your system?

Our official advisement is that you clean your system once every 1-3 months with a chili cleaning solution (click here to be taken to where you can purchase cleaning packets on our site*


*This will take you to the US based site, if you are trying to purchase cleaning solution from either our UK or AU sites please follow those links respectively

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