My CUBE is showing an Error, what do I do?

If your CUBE Control Unit is displaying an F1 Error Code:

  1. Turn off the Control Unit.
  2. Unplug the Control Unit and then wait a minute before turning it back on.

Note: This can be done from the base of the unit or from the wall plug

  1. Make sure that the unit is placed in an area that has ample of space for air flow.  
  2. Feel for air blowing out of the unit to be sure the fan is working.  
  3. If this does not resolve the issue, perform a factory reset on the CUBE Control unit by first turning of the unit, then hold down the power button on until the display flashes "888". 

Note: You will need to re-sync  your remote to your unit if this is done. Please consult your user's manual for the steps on how to complete this process. 

      6. If the issue persists, your Control Unit may need to be repair or replaced. Find the serial number on            your Control Unit (located on the barcode sticker on the bottom of your Control Unit). Provide the            serial number and the error code to Customer Service.

If your CUBE Control Unit is displaying an F2 Error Code:

  1. Make sure that the unit has at least 18" of space on all sides to allow for proper ventilation. 
  2. Unplug the unit from its power source for a few minutes to allow the unit to totally cool down.
  3. Plug the unit back in and try running it. If the issue persists you will need to complete an internal reset on the unit.
    • Unplug the unit again and confirm that the cap of the reservoir is securely screwed in. 
    • Turn the unit so that you can see the bottom, and locate the hole below the sticker that begins with "For household use only"
    • Using a thin long tool, such as a screwdriver, pen, or pencil, press the button found recessed behind this hole for 5 seconds. 

Note: This is a flat button and will not produce a clicking sound but if you go straight into the hole you will land directly on it. 


After completing these steps you should be able to set back up your system and run it without issue. If the F2 error occurs again you will need to reach out to support for assistance. 


If your CUBE Control Unit is displaying an F3, F4 or F5 Error Code:

These three error codes are specific to possible hardware malfunctions. We would suggest unplugging the unit from its power source for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. If the issue persists after doing so, you will need to contact support to either have the unit repaired or replaced, depending on where you are in your warranty. 

If your CUBE Control Unit is displaying an F6 Error Code:

  1. Confirm that the unit is filled to the bottom of the threads with distilled water. 
  2. Securely screw the cap into the top of the reservoir and remove the the hose and power cord from the back of the unit. 
  3. Lift the unit and shake it up and down, forward and backwards and side to side with moderate power. 

This error occurs when the float sensor is lodged in place, by shaking the unit you will likely dislodge it. If the F6 error comes back after setting the unit back up you will need to contact support for additional assistance. 

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