What is ID.me and Who is Eligible?

ChiliSleep™ is proud to offer special discounts for those who often cut their sleep short. While our heroes can’t always get the quantity of sleep they need, we can help provide the quality sleep you need.

With the ID.me program, ChiliSleep is able to offer a 20% discount off any new sleep system* to U.S. military, first responders, and nurses. For Back to School, or Back to Cool as we like to call it, Students and Teachers are also eligible for the 20% off discount off any new sleep system. 


Who is eligible?

In short, U.S. active-duty military, veterans, first responders, nurses, students and teachers are included in the program. Below are the specific eligibility groups:


Troop ID - You are eligible if any of the below segments apply to you:

Active Duty

Inactive Reserves

National Guard



First Responder ID – You are eligible for First Responder ID if any of the below segments apply to you (active or retired):

Police Officer


State Trooper





Nurse - You are eligible if any of the below segments apply to you:

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)

Registered Nurse (RN)

Licensed Practical Nurse (PN/LPN)

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nurse Midwife

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Teacher - You are eligible if any of the below segments apply to you:

Classroom Teachers (PreK-12)

Certified Teachers

Certified Teacher Aides

Certified Teacher Assistants

Certified Educational Assistants

Certified Substitute Teachers

Teaching Interns

Specialized Teachers (Speech-Language Pathologists, Hearing Impaired, JROTC, Music, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Art, Journalism, Speech, Home Economics, Vocational Education, Adult Education, Family and Consumer Science Engineering, Agriculture, Marketing, Athletic Coaching, etc.)

Principals and Assistant Principals (PreK-12)




Assistant Principals

Vice Principals

School Employees (PreK-12)

School Guidance Counselors

School Social Workers

School Psychologists

School Nurses

Head Start Teachers / Staff

Librarians / Educational Media Specialists

Occupational Therapists

Any Child Development Staff (working with children under Pre-K - Kindergarten level)

Pupil Personnel Services

Driver Education

Other School Employees (School Cafeteria, Maintenance, Office, Computer IT Staff, etc.)

College/University Professors


Adjunct Faculty

NOTE: Some offers may be restricted from some of the above groups. The following titles are not eligible for the Teacher affiliation: teachers with expired credentials; uncertified homeschool teachers; college and university employees who are not Professors or Faculty.

Student - You are eligible if any of the below segments apply to you:

You must be actively enrolled in an accredited, government-recognized public or private university or college that grants degrees or certificates in the US.

Eligible Students include:

College Students

University Students

Community College Students

Junior College Students

Technical or Vocational College Students

NOTE: Students in professional training classes and primary/secondary school students do not qualify.  


How do I verify my status?

You can verify your affiliation by clicking the ID.me in the cart or on our heroes landing page. Follow the prompts to complete your verification and simply log in to your ID account to receive discounts on future orders.


What happens when I verify my status?

Once you verify your affiliation, you will immediately receive an exclusive promo code that will apply to your shopping cart. *The ID.me discount program cannot be combined with other offers like other coupon codes or bundles. It is valid only on new and certified refurbished sleep systems. Limit one per customer and per order.


What are the benefits?

ID.me maintains all your credentials in one place, so your shopping can go smoothly. Through this verification technology, you can take advantage of discounts and other online marketplace benefits. Over 400 brands have exclusive offers through ID.me.


Can I provide my discount to non-eligible friends?

No, this program is only for eligible members.


Can I combine my military discount with other discounts?

No. Discounts cannot be combined. We only accept one discount code per order. ChiliSleep reserves the right to change or remove a product from the ID.me promotion at any time, without prior notice.


*Offer valid on new Cube and OOLER sleep systems with Chilipad Cool Mesh. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. 

How is my personal data protected?

Your privacy is important to ChiliSleep and ID.me. The ID.me program promises to not share your information and you may delete your account at any time. Privacy is built into the ID.me platform and your data is not shared or sold to anyone. 


What if I have issues with my ID.me account?

Please contact the ID.me Support team if you have questions with your eligibility or difficulty accessing your account - available 8 AM through midnight EST, 7 days a week to assist at 866-775-4363.

For more information on ID.me, click here.




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