Flame Retardant (FR) Chemicals


Your Safety Comes First

To provide a safe, fire-resistant product, we use FR chemicals on our pads. These chemicals are required to meet US federal law (CFR 1632) mattress pad flammability standards.  Some people find that they are allergic to certain types of chemicals used in the FR treatment process. If you are sensitive to common chemicals used in fabrics, you’ll want to check the link below for a list of chemicals used in this process.

What is Flame Retardant?

Flame retardant is a chemical application that increases your safety in event of a fire. Laundering your pad upon arrival will help to reduce the concentration of the chemicals used.


Be sure to avoid using chlorine bleach, liquid non-chlorine bleach, or fabric softeners as these can serve as fuel in the event of a fire. Use regular laundry detergent only.

Where can I find a list of chemicals?

Please see attachment of chemicals listed

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