How do I upgrade the firmware of my OOLER Control Unit?

Over time, Sleepme Inc. will make improvements and bug fixes to the firmware on the OOLER Control Unit. 

In order for these firmware improvements to be downloaded to your Control Unit, please follow the steps below:  

  1. Ensure you are on the latest OOLER app version. 
  2. In the OOLER App, connect to the OOLER Control Unit. (You do not see a “No Device Connected” banner on the Dashboard)
  3. On the Dashboard, you should see a banner for either a Firmware Upgrade is Available or a Firmware Upgrade is Required. Tap on the banner and follow the instructions to download the firmware to your OOLER Control Unit. 

If you run into issues with the firmware download process on Android, please follow these steps: 

  • Try deleting the OOLER from their paired devices (delete/remove the OOLER Control Unit as a paired device from the phone’s operating system under Settings > Bluetooth.). To do this… Go to Android Settings > Connected Devices > Bluetooth > and see if the OOLER Control Unit is still paired to the phone/tablet. 


  • If so, tap on the device and then tap Forget (Note: On some Pixel phones, the OOLER name will not appear. The device’s MAC ID will appear. The MAC ID will look something like: A1:B1:C1:00: D1:11


  • Then Go back to the OOLER app and pair as normal. Then reboot the phone and then re-try the firmware download process. 

If the above process didn't work, please Factory Reset your OOLER Control Unit by holding the power button on the OOLER Control Unit for fifteen seconds. Upon a successful Factory Reset, the Control Unit will turn off, and once you turn it back on; it will be reset to 68 degrees F. Next, open the OOLER app and connect to the OOLER. To re-sync your schedules back to the OOLER Control Unit, tap the Active/Inactive toggle on the Schedule page. 

If you run into issues with the firmware download process, reach out to our support team

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