Clyde Protection Plan FAQ

IF YOU PURCHASED A PROTECTION PLAN PRIOR TO JUNE 1, 2022  you purchased a Clyde Protection Plan.  Please see below for the relevant information.  If you purchased a Protection Plan after June 1, 2022, please see our information on Extend Protection Plans.

Can I file multiple claims?
Yes, you can file multiple claims using your Clyde Protection Plan during the contract’s term. You are covered for cumulative repair/replacement value up to your original product purchase price.

 If your claim is approved for a replacement product, then your contract is fulfilled as you have met the full value of the original product purchase price. You will have the option to purchase a new Protection Plan for your replacement on


Is there a deductible?
There are no deductibles.


Is the Clyde Protection Plan transferable?
Yes, this plan may be transferred to any person in the United States. To transfer a plan, contact the Clyde Customer service Team with a request here:


Does this Plan provide coverage for theft or lost items?
No, this Plan does not cover for loss or theft.


If the product is damaged as a result of an accident, are batteries covered?
Batteries are covered if accidental damage causes the battery to fail. The plan does NOT cover a battery that has been depleted due to normal consumption.


If the product is damaged as a result of an accident, are AC Adapters covered?
Yes, if the adapter is physically damaged due to accidental damage.

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