What is Clyde Protection Plan? (Optional)

Who is Clyde?  Clyde is an insurance-technology company that has built a marketplace of top-rated insurers and administrators. Clyde enables ChiliSleep to offer our customers additional coverage options and we work closely together with Clyde as they administer their plan. 


What’s included in the Clyde Protection Plan?

Clyde Protection Plans offer 3 years of accidental damage protection which includes surge protection. In addition, the Clyde Protection Plan extends the Chili 2-year limited warranty to add a third year.



Do I qualify for Clyde Protection Plan options?

The Clyde Protection Plan is available to you if all the following are true:

  • You are a USA customer (excluding territories)
  • You purchased your product directly from www.chilitechnology.com
  • You purchased an eligible product. Clyde Protection Plans are currently available for ChiliSleep Systems.


How do I view the terms and conditions of the Clyde Protection Plan before I buy it?

You can view the detailed terms and conditions contract here: Terms and Conditions



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