How to Purchase a Clyde Protection Plan

How do I sign up for a Clyde Protection Plan?

There are three ways to add a Clyde Protection Plan to your product:

 1. At product check-out on
Simply choose the Clyde Protection plan option at checkout when purchasing your Chili Product.

 2. Through link in post purchase email within 30 days of product purchase
After purchase of a Chili product you’ll receive an email from Clyde asking if you want to add protection. Click the link on this email to be directed to the Clyde website. When using the email to purchase a Clyde Protection plan there is no need to create a Clyde account prior to purchase of the plan.



3. Directly from Clyde’s website within 30 days of product purchase
Protection Plans purchased after you made your purchase on the Chili website are done directly with Clyde; please visit their website at
It will be necessary to create a Clyde account prior to completing the plan purchase through this method.  In order to link to your sales order please use the same email that was used when purchasing product on


When will I receive my Clyde Protection Plan documents?

You will receive an email from with your protection plan information within 24 hours of plan purchase. This email will contain information about your Clyde Protection Plan and a link to Clyde’s portal which gives easy access to your terms and conditions and claim form. You do not need to register your Protection Plan to be eligible to file a claim.




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