How does the water in my OOLER Control Unit stay clean? 

When your OOLER Control Unit is in use, the water in the Unit will be periodically cleaned by an automatic UV light cleaning cycle. The UV light helps prevent bacteria growth inside the OOLER system. 

For extra care, consider performing a Deep Clean periodically. 

For additional cleaning options consider purchasing chiliPAD System Cleaner

  1. Using the drain key, empty the water in the Control Unit's reservoir. 
  2. Refill with water and add in the ChiliPad System Cleaner. It is important that you leave the reservoir cap off. 
  3. Ensure the Control Unit is connected to the Hydronic Pad and run the Control Unit on 'Hi' for one hour. 
  4. Using the drain key, empty the water in the Control Unit's reservoir. 
  5. Refill with water. (Distilled water is recommended). 

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