How is the OOLER different from the Cube?


Cubecomes with a mattress pad, one Cube per person and remote(s)

- Set the Cube temperature from 55-110°F (13-43°C) with the remote or display buttons

- Low-maintenance with monthly Cube cleaning solution

- Simple, practical, tried and tested

- Dimensions are 12" x 12"x 12" and can fit under the bed but may need the help of bed risers.


OOLER comes with a hydronic pad, one Control Unit per person and access to our smartphone app

The entire sleep system is app-driven, which allows you to set your temperature from your phone + more:

  • Set sleep schedules for automatic and precise temperature change throughout the night


Currently the OOLER Unit has 3 fan modes (silent, regular, and boost mode).

Includes a self cleaning UV lamp to automatically clean the water. 

Dimensions for the Control Unit are 15” Length x 10” Width x 6” Height. The low-profile design allows for it to fit under most beds.

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