Was the twin chiliPAD discontinued?

Yes, we’ve stopped producing the twin size. Don’t worry, we will continue to stock all other sizes. You can purchase a twin XL here.

Please read below for common questions and answers:

Why was the twin size discontinued?

There was a relatively low demand for this size and it will allow us to focus all efforts on keeping all other sizes in stock.

I have a twin bed, so what do I do?

We still have options that will work for you. You can purchase a TwinXL, which is slightly larger than the twin. Another option is a single size. It’s the size of half of a queen bed and will fit on a twin. 

What if I’ve already bought a twin chiliPAD? 

We will fulfill your order, of course. All orders made before we disabled the twin page buy button will be sent. 

Will you still offer customer service and warranty repair on the twin?

Absolutely! You’re a valued ChiliPad customer, and we appreciate you believing in improving your sleep. We can absolutely help you troubleshoot any issues if needed. 

Will you continue to produce chiliPAD?

Yes, we’re not going anywhere! 

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