How do I drain the water out of my pad?

Your Cube came with a drain tool that looks like a plastic H and a picture of it can be found in your manual. The cross end of the tool is to use to drain your Cube and the hollow end is to drain your pad. Simply place your pad so the connector is lower than the pad and push the hollow end of the drain key down on the connector and this will open the valves to release the water in the pad. 

Should you lose your water release key, it's still possible to drain most of the water from your pad by following these steps: 

  • If possible, hang the pad vertically with the connection tubes at the bottom.
  • Using two pens, pencils, or other similar tools, depress the “X” shaped pieces inside the connector end, which will open the valves and allow the water to fall out.
  • If you have a dual pad, repeat the process on the 2nd connector to drain both sides.

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