How can I upgrade my Cube unit to the Ooler Unit?

Thank you for your interest in our OOLER® Sleep System.

To upgrade to an OOLER® from a Cube system you have a few options.

1) If you are within the 30 day return period you can return the complete Cube system for a full refund and then purchase our OOLER® system.  

Return Request

2) If you are not within the 30 day return period

a) Keep your chili pad and upgrade the control unit.
We will issue a return authorization for the Cube/s and provide you with a code to use when purchasing so that you receive $200 off each OOLER® control unit.

b) Keep your existing unit and receive a 25% off coupon to purchase a complete system.
Please note, if the replaced item has not been received back within 30 days this can void any warranty

Upgrade Request - In order to do this, we just need the serial number/s from the bottom of the Cube/s.

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