How do I sync my remote with my Chili CP-100 Unit?

PLEASE NOTE for Dual Zone Systems – Only sync one unit and one remote at a time. Make sure the second unit and second remote are unplugged and have no batteries.

  1. Sync One Unit + One Remote – Turn Off & unplug your control unit for 5 seconds.
  2. Plug in your control unit and immediately press and hold the “down” ▼ button on the control panel of Control Unit until a digital number appears on the display screen (The Down button needs to be pressed within 5 seconds of plugging in your control unit). Do not power on the Control Unit for this step.

    *** If you do not see a digital number repeat steps 1 and 2 ***

  3. Once the digital number appears on the display screen of the Control Unit, then on the Remote, press and hold the “up” ▲ and “down” ▼ buttons at the same time until you see a temperature with both the “F” and “C” showing on the control unit display screen.
  4. Next, turn on your Control Unit. Change the temperature on the Remote and press Enter. If you hear a chime, the Remote is now synced to your Control Unit.
  5. Jump in bed and take it for a test drive!

Click Here to Download Our Remote Syncing Instructions

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