Why is sleep temperature so important?

The four keys to setting up the perfect sleep environment are your sleep surface (mattress type), lighting, sound, and temperature. A great deal of attention and innovation has been focused on the first three components of sleep. Our company’s mission is to change the last, yet critically important component of healthy sleep – the ability to control your sleep temperature.

The human body is at it's coolest in the midst of sleep. In fact, we all need to start the cooling process to enter the initial stages of sleep. Look no further than the direct links to the drop in body temperature and the production of melatonin – the body’s naturally occurring hormone that holds the key to sleep and the sleep-wake cycle in humans and animals.

When you control your sleep temperature you'll fall asleep faster, achieve deeper, more restorative sleep, and wake up more refreshed and maintain better energy levels throughout the day.

Everyone has an ideal sleep temperature, which is one of the main reasons people struggle to get deep, rejuvenating sleep consistently. As you can imagine, the problem gets even worse when the summertime weather kicks into high gear. Whether you struggle with being too hot or cold or being too covered up or not enough, it’s impossible to find the temperature that will help you sleep soundly throughout the night without regulating your mattress pad temperature. That’s why everyone can benefit from sleeping with a ChiliSleep product.

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